PAC International completes paint upgrade to second Huey for Michigan State

February 7, 2022

PAC International recently completed an exterior refurbishment on a second Bell UH-1H for Michigan State Police. The Michigan State Police use the UH-1 for law enforcement support missions as well as search and rescue.

PAC removed all existing paint utilizing their state-of-the-art soft media blast booth to allow for a detailed inspection of the airframe exterior. Repairs were made to the “bumps and bruises” acquired during its many years of service, and any corrosion was addressed as needed. The aircraft was painted with an Imron Polyurethane base coat and clear coat, including all lettering, and the Michigan State Police badge. The result is a superior finish that will last for many years to come.

Michigan State Police’s Aviation Unit works closely with all Michigan law enforcement agencies, as well as the Michigan National Guard and the United States Coast Guard air stations. The Aviation Unit has a fleet of aircraft based out of Lansing’s Capital Region International Airport, with satellite offices in Saginaw and Ypsilanti. Aircraft include a Beech King Air 90, Cessna 182R, Bell 206L3, two Bell 407s, two Bell UH-1H Hueys, and three Aeryon SkyRanger Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs). The Aviation Unit also uses a downlink truck, which receives live video feeds from the helicopters or UAS, providing ground commanders with increased situational awareness of critical incidents.

Many helicopter completion centers do not provide paint services. At PAC International, it is nothing short of a passion. This passion runs throughout the company, evident in its standards, training, mentoring, and extreme attention to detail for every job it undertakes.

PAC International, officially known as Paradigm Aerospace Corporation, is a subsidiary of Metro Aviation, Inc. PAC’s capabilities range from maintenance and sheet metal to avionics, paint, component repair, and overhaul.  With more than 40 years of experience, PAC delivers high-quality services that exceed its customers’ expectations.

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