PAC Gives New Life to Used Helicopters

January 27, 2020

PAC International, a Metro Aviation company, shared today how the emerging refurbishment market is growing its business.  In 2019 alone, PAC received eight requests for full completion/refurbishment of used helicopters.  Among them: EC135’s and BK117’s were the most common aircraft.        

“At PAC, we remove the old, then redesign and install the new,” said Ed Wahl, director of maintenance for PAC International. “It’s our expertise in innovative, customer-focused, and high-quality helicopter completions that continue to attract new and recurring customers.”

In addition to the eight completions/refurbishments, PAC performed 140+ avionics upgrades, Outerlink IRIS installations, premium paint jobs, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work  and component repairs.

The refurbishment process

Since 2015, PAC has made several improvements to enhance its refurbishment capabilities, including the install of a Clemco Industries Industrial Blast Facility to remove paint and corrosion. This type of paint job along with window treatments are the typical upgrades in the revamp process.  Windows beyond polish repair are replaced, along with any external hardware.

An aircraft restoration can also include interior work such as repairs and paint to interior panels; improvements to seats and pouches; and updates to aging EMS systems, O2 systems, and exterior and interior lighting.   

Regardless of an aircraft’s initial condition, PAC’s end result always produces a superior finish with strong staying power.

Looking ahead

PAC has already secured several refurbishments for 2020, which are scheduled for delivery later this year. To learn more about refurbishments or PAC, visit HELI-EXPO booth #3624 to interact with a PAC completion, University of Utah Airmed’s Bell407GX, for yourself.

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